May Senatus meeting held on 15th May 2022

The President welcomed members to the meeting. Special welcome was accorded to the visitors from South Sudan, Br. William Lado, President of Regina Mundi Curia, Catholic Archdiocese of Juba, South Sudan and Br. Suubi Richard, South Sudan Correspondent.

Legionaries were thanked for taking part in the pilgrimage to Kenya to commemorate the 78th death anniversary of Venerable Edel Quinn. Different councils had organised mass to pray for her beatification.

The centenary Celebrations continue in different parts of the Country. We received reports of the celebrations that took place at Gulu Archdiocese and Tororo Archdiocese. In the two, we legionaries were warmly received and the Archbishops accorded a warm reception. We had over 1000 and 2000 Legionaries present respectively at the two celebrations.

Next Centenary celebrations will be in Kasana Luweero and Moroto Dioceses on 21st May and 22nd May 2022 respectively.

On 20th May 2022 the Senatus of Uganda will mark 60 years since it was inaugurated. Mass will take place at St. Augustine Chapel, Makerere University starting at 5pm.

In the meeting, we received 3 new Curia that had been formed from Soroti Diocese-Mukongoro, Kobwin and Koloin Curiae. The officers of the three Curiae were ratified at the meeting.

About the extension work in Ssese Islands, the first round of work had been successful and the Parish Priest suggested that teams of Legionaries be sent every 3 months and it would require approximately UGX. 5 million which Senatus did not have. Members suggested that different Councils contribute and well-wishers so that the work be accomplished.

Extension work is on going in Soroti Diocese, Arua Diocese and Gulu Archdiocese. Legionaries were encouraged to support the different works spiritually and financially.

The visitors from South Sudan extended greetings from His Grace Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla, the Archbishop of Juba and thanked us for the great work were doing in South Sudan to support the Legion of Mary.

Legionaries were reminded of the 24-hour rosary initiative that they had registered for.

April Senatus meeting held on 24th April 2022

The President welcomed members to the April meeting that happened on the 4th Sunday of the month because the 3rd Sunday was Easter.

Different Councils and Praesidia reported to have had Acies successfully. Most of the Councils working in schools were also able to hold Acies for them.

The Centenary Celebrations are ongoing in different Councils at Praesidium and Curia level. Officers were advised to prepare the Legionaries thoroughly for the celebrations especially as regards to the Plenary Indulgence.

At the meeting, the Centenary memorial magazine was presented to the members. Each copy goes for UGX 10,000/=. It is such a rich magazine that each Presidium in Uganda was advised to have a copy. It tells the story of Legion of Mary in Uganda with articles from different personalities. To order in bulk, contact Mercilus on 0755265007 or 0774265007. You can also send a whatsapp message on 0755217112.

The Senatus of Uganda was set for the pilgrimage to Nairobi. Departure is on 5th May 2022 starting at 2pm with opening Prayers and Mass at 3pm. For the detail confirm with the person who registered you. Let us keep the pilgrims in prayers. All councils were advised to organise Mass on 12th May 2022 or a day thereto to commemorate the 78th death anniversary of Venerable Edel Quinn.

Extension work took place on the Islands on Lake Victoria. 10 Legionaries together with the Priests at Bukasa Parish spent 2 weeks on a mission in Kalangala and Ssese Islands.

Extension work in Soroti Diocese continues. We are grateful that 3 Curiae have been opened up. We continue to pray for the success of this work through the intercession of Venerable Edel Quinn.

March Senatus meeting held on 20th March 2022

Different Praesidia and Councils continue to celebrate the Centenary of the founding of the Legion of Mary. Mbarara Archdiocese under Regia of Western Uganda had celebrated on 12th March 2022 with Mass led by Archbishop Lambert Bainomugisha.
Praesidia were encouraged not to combine while organising celebrations. Non Legionaries could be invited that gives them opportunity to join the Legion.

Preparations for the Pilgrimage to Nairobi to commemorate the 78th Death Anniversary of Venerable Edel Quinn are on. Kampala Comitium B is spearheading the organisation. Each person is required to pay UGX 300,000 for transport, meals and accomodation. Those planning to travel, leave a comment or send a message to
Plans to start the construction of the Senatus of Uganda Headquarters were on. Legionaries are requested to pray for the cause.
Cause of Canonisation: We were reminded to pray through the intercession of Servant of God Frank Duff, Venerable Edel Quinn and Servant of God Alphonsus Lambe. Favours should be sent to Senatus of Uganda.

Work in the Ssese Islands: Kimaanya Comitium was to send a team that will catechise the people living at the Islands for two weeks starting 28th March 2022. They requested for prayers and any other support possible.

Consecration of Russia and Ukrain to the Immaculate Heart: Legionaries were requested to join the Pope join spiritually in this prayer on 25th March 2022.

December Senatus meeting held on 12th December 2021

Members were welcomed to the last meeting of the year 2021. The December meeting happened on the 2nd Sunday of the month because by 3rd Sunday, transport costs are too high making it hard for members to travel.

We were informed that Rev. Fr. Ronnie Mubiru had been appointed Senatus Spiritual Director effective 29th November 2021.

Different Praesidia had celebrated the Centenary. For a guide, kindly read the article on the Centenary Celebrations.
About the Centenary memorial Magazine, it is in its final stages. Unfortunately, we have not yet raised enough advertisers that will help us have a reduced cost of production. We call upon all Legionaries, incase you have a company or a friend willing to advertise in our national magazine, send an email to We are hoping that the magazine will be launched on 21st January 2022 on the 63rd death anniversary of Servant of God Alphonsus Lambe

We were requested to pray for the construction of the Senatus headquarters. We are waiting for allocation of land.

Extension work is being done in the Eastern and Northern Uganda. In Soroti Diocese, Kumi deanery is being done by Kampala Comitium B. In Soroti and Ngora deaneries, it is being done by St. Matia Mulumba Curia and Lugazi Comitium respectively. Plan has been laid for Kaberamaido Deanery by Jinja Comitium and work will start early 2022. Members were asked to support this extension work in all ways possible.

Each Praesidium in Uganda was reminded to pray for the soul of Rev. Fr. Expedito Walakira, our former Spiritual Director who did a lot of work for the Legion of Mary.

Jinja and Lira Comitia had vesting with the miraculous medals and were to buy more and distribute to Curiae. Legionaries were advised to do the same.

Prayers of the Legion of Mary on the tessera do not change. There has been a common practice of adding the name of the deceased person in the concluding prayers. That should stop. Let us follow the prayers as they are.

Praesidia were reminded to offer a Spiritual bouquet for Rt. Rev. Raphael Wokorach, bishop of Nebbi, Most Rev. Lambert Bainomugisha of Mbarara and Most Rev. Paul Ssemogerere of Kampala.

In the meeting, we had visitors from Yambio Diocese, South Sudan who stay in Uganda. They reminded us to always pray the rosary and to support their country.

We received reports from St. Mary’s Centenary, Kireka Curia and Kampala Comitium A. Br. Aloysious Kant Kaahwa was reelected as the 2nd Assistant Secretary for his second term.