August Senatus meeting held on 21st August 2022

Centenary of the Founding of Legion of Mary: Celebrations continue in dioceses. Soroti, Arua, Kotido and Hoima Dioceses celebrated. Kireka and Kansanga Curiae had also celebrated. Lira and Nebbi Dioceses will celebrate on 27th August 2022, Kasese on 3rd September, Kampala on 7th September and Kabale on 10th September 2022. Members were reminded that the Plenary Indulgence of the Centenary ends on 7th September 2022. Mass for departed Legionaries continues on Radio Maria Uganda at 7pm everyday.

Legion Handbooks: Councils and Praesidia were encouraged to make it a point that their Spiritual Directors have handbooks and if not, acquire one for him.

Correspondent with Concilium: Br. Victor Nashaba was appointed as the Senatus Correspondent with Concilium.

Ssese Islands: Members from Kimaanya and Villa Maria Comitia together with a team from Kampala were trained and 12 of them are now in Ssese carrying on evangelisation.

Rosary recitation: Legionaries were called upon to reawaken the spirit of recitation of the rosary. Many seem to have forgotten the 24-hour rosary but lets be active to resume.

National Reunion: Kabale Regia has already started preparing for the Reunion in December this year.

Sr. Susan Mary Nsubuga: Thanked God for the opportunity to serve as the President and also thanked Legionaries that have been there for her in this term of Office. She asked for forgiveness from anyone who could have been hurt in process of service to mother Mary. She thanked Br. Aloysius Kiribaki for accepting to serve mother Mary.

In the meeting, we received reports from Kabuwoko and Mbale Comitia.

Election of the Senatus President

At the August meeting, elections were carried out for the Senatus President. Aloysius Kiribaki was elected as the President for his first term.

Allocutio at the August 2022 meeting

Allocutio delivered by Rev. Fr. William Ojulo, Spiritual Director, Tororo Comitium

The Devotional Outlook of the Legion (Handbook Ch. 5)

How do we present ourselves as Legionaries?

During prayers, we need to recite them devoutly as Legionaries so as to bring out our spirituality.

While leading the prayers at funerals and wakes, the pride, joy and solemnity we put in reciting our prayers makes others to love the Legion of Mary. Let’s not shy away because fear invites the devil to dwell in our midst.

Don’t compromise prayers because of others. Our outlook should come regardless of the time and where we are.