Quiz on the Rosary

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The Holy Rosary

The Holy Rosary

Welcome to the quiz dedicated to the 'Month of the Rosary'! Our Rosary Quiz is designed to challenge your knowledge and deepen your understanding about the Rosary. Just 10 questions for you!

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1. Who is traditionally credited with the spread of the Rosary in its current form?

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2. What is the primary intention of the Rosary beads according to Catholic tradition?

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3. What does the Rosary center around as its central figure?

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4. When praying the Rosary, one is supposed to meditate on Mysteries: specific events in the life and death of Jesus Christ. In 2002, Pope John Paul II added which set of Mysteries?

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5. When was the prayer “O my Jesus” added to the Rosary?

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6. The final prayer of the Rosary is Hail Holy Queen. What is the Latin name for this prayer/hymn?

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7. In which apparition did the Blessed Virgin Mary call herself “the Lady of the Rosary”?

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8. Why is October referred to as the Month of the Rosary?

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9. The "Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary" was originally the "Feast of Our Lady of Victory". What type of victory was celebrated?

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10. Which Pope wrote about the rosary in twelve encyclicals and five apostolic letters, earning him the nickname “The Rosary Pope”?

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Quiz on the Rosary

21 thoughts on “Quiz on the Rosary

  1. Wow. I have scored a good 50 hhhhm such quizzes should be continuous since they are informative and test our spiritual awareness.

  2. This is so amazing, and I hope more of this will be given to us.
    This is a very easy and interesting way to learn about anything in the catholic religion especially about our Mother Mary and her son Jesus Christ

  3. I enjoyed taking this quiz 😁😁 I hope to do more when they come out! I scored 70% and I love the fact that I was able to see the correct alternatives and detailed explanations for those I got correct and those I failed.

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