Servant of God, Alphonsus Lambe

Alphonsus Lambe

Alphonsus Lambe also known as Alfie was born on 24th June 1932 and died on 21 January 1959  (aged 27).

Also referred to as “the little lamb”, Alfie spread the Legion of Mary in South America with great zeal and passion.

During his years in South America he set up a great number of branches of the Legion of Mary, and trained a multitude in the apostolate of the Legion. His devotion to Mary was outstanding, and in contacts with Legionaries and others he explained and urged the practice of the True Devotion to Our Lady.


He is buried in the vault of the Irish Christian Brothers, in the Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires.

He is the patron of the youth in South America.

Prayer for the beautification of Servant of God, Alphonsus Lambe

O God, who by your infinite mercy inflamed the heart of your servant, Alphonsus Lambe with an ardent love for you and for Mary, our Mother; a love which revealed itself in a life of intense labour, prayer and sacrifice for the salvation of souls, grant, if it be your will, that we may obtain, by his intercession, what we cannot obtain by our own merits. We ask this through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen

(With ecclesiastical approval)