Announcement of the appointment of the Spiritual Director

Rev. Fr. Ronnie Mubiru, Spiritual Director Senatus of Uganda

Rev. Fr. Ronnie Mubiru, the former Assistant Spiritual Director of the Senatus of Uganda has been appointed the Spiritual Director of the same effective 29th November 2021. The announcement was made at the December Senatus meeting.

Rev. Fr. Ronnie Mubiru

Fr. Ronnie was appointed a Spiritual Director by the Uganda Episcopal Conference, the Assembly of the Catholic Hierarchy in Uganda through the Lay Apostolate Commission.

The appointment comes after the death of Rev. Fr. Expedito Walakira on 18th May 2021. Fr. Expedito Walakira had been a Spiritual Director since 1993.

Rev. Fr. Ronnie Mubiru becomes the 10th Spiritual Director of the Senatus after Fr. Agostoni Tarcisio (1st), Bishop Joseph Mukwaya (Then Fr.), H.E Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala (then Fr.), Fr. Joseph Galdes, Fr. Caesar Mutyaba, Fr. Larry Kanyike, Fr. John Mary Bukenya, Fr. Vincent Kanyonza and the immediate past, Rev. Fr. Expedito Walakira.

As an Assistant Spiritual Director

Following the ill health of the then Spiritual Director, Rev. Fr. Expedito Walakira (RIP), Fr. Ronnie was appointed as his assistant in 2018 until 2021.

July Senatus meeting held on 17th July 2022

Centenary of the Founding of Legion of Mary: Celebrations continue in dioceses. Jinja and Soroti Dioceses were congratulated for the wonderful celebrations. Legionaries were informed that the document of the Plenary indulgence is not a prayer but a guide.

Extension: Each Legionary has a role to play in extension-actively participating, offering prayers or contributing to the work. Preparation for the work on Ssese Island is ongoing-those who can catechise were invited to register themselves so as to be part of the team. Each Council was requested to look out for Islands surrounding them so that evangelisation can be done.

Katikamu Curia under Kasana-Luweero Comitium and Madera Curia under Soroti Diocese had been formed.

Spiritual Directors Conference-Hoima Diocese: The regional Spiritual Directors Conference for Hoima Diocese will take place from 12th-14th August 2022. Preparations are in high gear.

Correspondence from Concilium: Among others, a suggestion was brought up that in the rural areas where the number of men in Legion of Mary is low, Praesidia for men can be started. In honour of the great work done by the Legion in the past 100 years by the founders and members, the President of the Concilium was nominated as a Member of the Pontifical Marian Academy International, involved in promoting devotion to Our Lady and true devotion to her.

Rosaries: Those who can were requested to donate Rosaries so that they can be given out to those who do not have.

All Legionaries were requested to pray for the election of the Senatus President due August 2022 Senatus meeting.

In the meeting, reports from Lira Comitium and Gulu Tertiary Institutions Curia were read. We received a report from Mary Comfort of the Afflicted Praesidium, Kigo Prison.

Solome Nkeesa: Being July, in the Mass before the Senatus meeting led by Rev. Fr. Aloysius Ddumba, we prayed for soul of Sr. Solome Nkeesa who donated the land where the Senatus meetings take place. Sr. Solome died on July 17, 2000.

Legion of Mary @100 talk

Don’t miss the talk hosted by UNCCLA (a body that brings together all the laity in Uganda).

Date: Thursday, 4th August 2022 at 6pm.

Presenter: Prof. Charles Mark Olweny, 3rd President of the Senatus of Uganda and Chancellor of Mbarara University.

You can participate in the meeting through ZOOM or via our YouTube Channel.


Alternatively, Meeting ID: 897 4983 9494 and Passcode: 021211


Allocutio at the July 2022 Senatus meeting

Allocutio delivered by Sr. Susan Mary Nsubuga, Senatus President

The Praesidium (Handbook Ch. 14 Numbers 21 and 22)

A Praesidium in our language is a police post. Without it, there is no Legion of Mary-that is how important it is to the Legion of Mary. The Praesidium is the foundation of the Legion of Mary thus, we need strong ones not shaky ones. A Praesidium is strong when it performs what it is supposed to do.

Each Praesidium must have a name which is a title from the litany or events or happenings to Mother Mary. It must be attached to a higher Council. A Praesidium holds weekly meetings. Without these weekly meetings, it is not Legion of Mary.

The term of office is 3 years. The term may be renewed for one more term. Beyond the two terms, officership ceases until another officer is appointed by the Curia. Unfortunately, some have served beyond the stipulated time-you may think that you are serving but wrongly.

Different Praesidia have Auxiliary members who only recite the Catena. They MUST recite all Legion Prayers as well put on the tessera everyday. Praesidia should make an effort to always establish if Auxiliaries are performing their duties.

Each Praesidium should take an effort to recruit junior members into the Legion of Mary thus forming a Junior Praesidium (Ref. Handbook Ch. 36 Section 1).

June Senatus meeting held on 26th June 2022

The President welcomed the members to the meeting and informed them that the June Senatus happened on the 4th Sunday of the month instead of 3rd Sunday of the month because of Corpus Christi Sunday, to enable full participation in the processions in different Parish.

Legionaries were thanked for having participated actively in the Uganda Martyrs celebrations on 3rd June. In a special way, Fort Portal Diocese was thanked for taking a lead. Senatus prays for the diocese of Jinja which is scheduled to animate Martyrs Day of 2023.

Senatus of Uganda commiserated with the Catholic Church and particularly Kabale Diocese upon the loss of Rev. Fr. Vincent Kanyonza on 2nd June 2022. He was the 8th Spiritual Director of Senatus of Uganda (1991-1993). Sr. Betty Nalwoga, Vice President of Bunamwaya Kiwumulo Comitium also passed on. May their souls rest in eternal peace.

Centenary Celebrations

Different Councils and Praesidia continue to hold the Centenary Celebrations. At Diocese level, Mbarara, Masaka, Tororo, Kasana-Luweero, Gulu, Moroto and Kiyinda-Mityana have already celebrated.

In Kiyinda-Mityana Diocese, Rt. Rev. Joseph Anthony Zziwa, the Ordinary and Chairman of Uganda Episcopal Conference appreciated legionaries especially for the prayers said for a fallen legionary during the funeral and for being at the weekly meetings at the parishes. He cautioned Legionaries against claiming Marian visions and giving unfounded messages. He requested legionaries to be more prayerful especially by reciting the holy rosary and the litany and concentrate on the Legion of Mary work.

Proposed dates of celebrations in other Dioceses have been set except Kabale, Fort Portal and Kasese.

Selling of the Centenary memorial Magazine continues. Contact your higher council officers for copies or reach out directly to us on or

Extension work

Senatus continues with the effort to undertake extension in the different parts of Uganda and outside Uganda.

In Ssese Islands, efforts to make the 3rd visit are on spearheaded by Kimaanya Comitium.

Jinja Comitium opened up Bugembe curia and Naggalama Comitium started a new Curia in Kiswa.

In the meeting, we received a report from St. Matia Mulumba Curia.