August 2023 Senatus Meeting

In the Allocutio, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Mawanda, Spiritual Director of Kabuwoko Comitium in Masaka Diocese emphasized (basing on the Spiritual Reading from the handbook Chapter 5 Section 5) that to fulfill the object of the Legion of Mary, each one must know what the object requires of him/her and the root of this devotion must be exhibited at the Praesidium.

In the Correspondence received from Concilium, we were reminded to pray through the intercession of Venerable Edel Quinn. Favours can be reported to us directly via or through your higher Councils and we shall be glad to report to Concilium. In case you missed, here is the Maria Legionis (Issue 2 of 2023) that features an article from Senatus of Uganda on the work in the Islands.

The 11th National Spiritual Directors Conference is on from 22nd to 25th August 2023. Arrival at the Conference is 3pm to 5pm on Tuesday, 22nd August 2023. Councils and Praesidia were requested to confirm the attendance of their Spiritual Directors. In case you have not done so, kindly contact Br. Aloysius Kant Kaahwa (0784884916) or Sr. Susan Nsubuga (0787207380) or Sr. Ritah Nantongo (0704233577). Please do so as early as possible.

The Pilgrimage to Kibeho, Rwanda will be starting on 7th to 10th of September 2023. We shall meet in Mother Mary’s House at St. Peter’s Church, Nsambya Parish at 5.00pm. Those that have not cleared, please do so as soon as you can because it is first come first served. For details on payment, contact the committee treasurer, Br. Anthony Rucukye on 0754730282 or 0785393593.

Preparations are underway to celebrate 85 years since the first Legion of Mary meeting in Uganda. Celebrations will be held in Nkokonjeru, Lugazi Diocese on 23rd September 2023. The detailed program will be shared in due course.

The Rosary Crusade with the aim of marking Mother Mary and the Rosary known is being organised by the Holy Cross Family Ministries in conjunction with the Legion of Mary, Senatus of Uganda from 6th to 7th October 2023 starting at Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Nakulabye. The theme is “Mary, Our Mother Visits Kampala City”. For details, click here.

Legionaries were requested to offer a Spiritual bouquet for the new bishop of Kasana-Luweero Diocese, Rt. Rev. Lawrence Mukasa.

Reparation prayers are held at Our Lady of Fatima, Nankulabye Parish every second Friday of the month.

The Praesidium meeting is key to the life of the Legion of Mary. Each legionary MUST belong to a Praesidium. Let us always keep time and as advised by Concilium, a Praesidium meeting can take place even with 2 people save that the secret bag does not go around because it will no longer be secret.

In the meeting, we received reports from Kabuwoko Comitium, Mbale Comitium and Lira Comitium.

August 2023 Senatus Meeting

7 thoughts on “August 2023 Senatus Meeting

  1. This is a great work for mother Mary.

    I can’t wait to finish this course and I serve mother Mary to my fullest.
    I love mother Mary
    Live to serve the lord through mother Mary

    1. You are right br Atukwatirire. The love of mother Mary is seen in you in deeds and actions. Pray for us.

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