Updates for the month of July 2021

Brothers and Sisters,

Warm greetings from the Officers of the Senatus of Uganda.

As we are all aware, today the 18th July 2021 would be our Senatus meeting day.  At 8.00am we would be starting the celebration of the Sunday Mass and at 10.00am start the Senatus meeting at Kiwumulo Bunamwaya.  According to the Senatus annual program, one of the petitions of today is to pray for the repose of the soul of our Sister Maria Solome Nkeesa who donated land where the home of Legionaries is and thus where Senatus meetings are held.  Unfortunately, due to the CoVID-19 pandemic the Senatus, all council meetings and all gatherings of any kind are on halt in the country in order to curb the spread of the Corona virus. We hold telephone conferences for the Senatus Officers meetings.

We are very grateful to Rev. Fr. Vincent Kanamala Kibuuka, former President of Kinyamasika Seminary Curia for the wonderful Allocutio (click there to read and listen to the allocutio) he has given to us.  He called upon us to pray the rosary and other Christian prayers and meditate on our spiritual life in this lockdown.  He said we should pray but not play.

Legionaries both active and Auxiliaries are reminded to pray the Legion of Mary prayers every day. On the day of the Praesidium meeting, we should say all the Legion of Mary prayers at the time of meeting and study the handbook.

We are encouraged to join the 24-hour rosary groups formed at our respective Curiae.  Let each one of us allocate one hour a week to pray for the world.  Mother Mary needs our prayers.  She invites us to participate in the struggle to end CoVID-19.  The beauty of this rosary prayer is that you become a member of a big team praying continuously throughout the week and most importantly praying for the world.  What a blessing!! Councils are requested to submit the lists of names of members forming the different groups to Senatus for onward transmission to Concilium.

Many people contracted CoVID-19 and died, including Legionaries.  Some died from other diseases and among them was Rev. Fr. Expedito Walakira, the Senatus Spiritual Director, Bro. Boniface Kateeba, former President of the Senatus of Uganda and some other Legionaries.  May their souls rest in peace. Legionaries who can participate in the 7pm Mass everyday at Radio Maria, please join us to pray for the repose of the souls of our Brothers and Sisters.

 On the 7th September, 2021, it will be exactly 100 years since Legion of Mary was started by Frank Duff in Dublin Ireland. Centenary Celebrations will start on that day.  Here in Uganda the inauguration will be at Nsambya Parish where Edel Quinn was received when she came to introduce Legion of Mary.  We hope that by that time the Lockdown will be relaxed.  Councils are advised to be ready with their programs so that from that day, celebrations continue for a year until September, 2022.  Please refer to the guidelines issued by Senatus. Councils are requested to submit lists of the deceased Legionaries for the purpose of praying for them.  You can use the Senatus email address senatusofuganda@gmail.com to submit or make telephone calls to any Officer of Senatus.

Members take note of the following as well:-

  1. Senatus is congratulating Br. Denis Agaba and Sr. Brenda Kyomuhendo, a young couple who wedded yesterday on the 17th July 2021 in this lockdown.  Denis & Brenda are both Legionaries. They have set a wonderful example of a successful scientific wedding not only to the youth but to all people. Congratulations!
  2. 22nd July 2021 we shall commemorate the arrival of Edel Quinn at Nsambya Parish. Nsambya Comitium and all Councils with access to Radio stations are requested to offer Mass for thanksgiving.
  3. Senatus together with the six Comitia of Hoima are organizing a Regional Spiritual Directors Conference in August 17th to 20th 2021, hoping the lockdown will be relaxed.

May Mary our Mother and Queen pray for us.

God bless you all.