True Devotion to Mary

It is desirable that the practice of the legionary devotion to Mary should be rounded off and given the distinctive character which has been taught by St. Louis-Marie de Montfort under the titles of “The True Devotion” or the “Slavery of Mary”, and which is enshrined in his two books, “True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin” and the “Secret of Mary.” (Legion Handbook, Chap. 6. 5)

In order for a Legionary to completely understand the spirit of the Legion and that of the Handbook, one must have an understanding of Saint Louis Marie de Montfort’s treatise on True Devotion to Mary. This is because the spirituality of the Legion, its apostolic and devotional system was founded on the very principles of De Montfort’s True Devotion. Therefore, to be a true Legionary, one must possess the true spirit of true devotion to Mary. To be a true Legionary one must be a true devotee of Mary, and to be a true devotee of Mary, one must be her SLAVE.

Frank Duff states this in the Handbook very eloquently: “That Devotion requires the formal entry into a compact with Mary, whereby one gives to her one’s whole self with all its thoughts and deeds and possessions, both spiritual and temporal, past, present and future without the reservation of the smallest part or the slightest little thing. In a word, the giver places himself in a condition equivalent to that of a slave possessing nothing of his own, and wholly dependent on, and utterly at the disposal of Mary.”

“Furthermore, Marian spirituality, like its corresponding devotion, finds a very rich source in the historical experience of individuals and of the various Christian communities present among the different peoples and nations of the world. In this regard, I would like to recall, among the many witnesses and teachers of this spirituality, the figure of St Louis Marie de Montfort, who proposes consecration to Christ through the hands of Mary, as an effective means for Christians to live faithfully their baptismal commitments. I am pleased to note that in our time too new manifestations of this spirituality and devotion are not lacking.” (Pope John Paul 11: Redemptoris Mater, 48)

It is intriguing that the Legion should start immediately after what I might call a ‘Patrician discussion’ on the subject of the True Devotion, as if the minds of the future members had to be fully acclimatised to Mary before they were fit for membership; before they could become the Legion of Mary.” (Frank Duff: Virgo Praedicanda, 21)

“The fact is that one cannot emphasise too much the value of the True Devotion as a supplement to the Handbook and entire Legion system. St Louis Marie’s words of fire uplift Our Lady from the level of pure doctrine and give her substance as a person, our Mother with intimate charge of our lives, utterly indispensable to us, our Queen, our leader, the very thought of whom inspires courage and stimulates one to undertake the impossible.” (Frank Duff: Victory through Mary. 39)

In Uganda, teachings are organised and later on consecration takes place. In case you’re not aware of this, contact us, we shall be glad to direct you.