Rosary Confraternity

This is an association that unites into one great family of the faithful who undertake to recite the twenty decades of the Rosary at least once a week. Those who join the Rosary Confraternity are invited to place in Our Lady’s hands not only their rosaries, but the value of all their works, sufferings and prayers, to be distributed as seems best to her among the other members and for the needs of the Church.


Each member strives to pray the twenty mysteries of the Rosary each week (this does not bind under sin), and must have his/her name inscribed in the register of the Confraternity. There are no meetings, and no dues. As we pray, we pray also for the intentions of all the other members of the Rosary Confraternity worldwide, living and deceased.


  1. The special protection of the Mother of God.
  2. A share in the prayer of many hundreds of thousands of members the world over, even after death.
  3. A share in the prayers, Masses and apostolic works of the entire Order of Preachers.
  4. The intercession of the entire heavenly court.
  5. Various plenary and partial indulgences.
  6. Six times a year the Rosary Center publication THE ROSARY, LIGHT AND LIFE is sent to those members who wish it. Its purpose is to provide sound doctrine and spiritual guidance for readers everywhere.


  1. For members of the Rosary Confraternity, a plenary indulgence, under the usual conditions, is granted:
    • on the day of enrollment. (When application is made, a certificate of membership is sent, indicating the day of the enrollment.)
    • on the following feast days: Christmas, Easter, Annunciation, Purification, Assumption, Our Lady of the Rosary, and Immaculate Conception.
  2. For those who pray the Rosary, a plenary indulgence is granted under the usual conditions, when the Rosary is prayed in Church, or in a Public Oratory, in a family (family Rosary), Religious Community, or Pious Association. Otherwise a partial indulgence is granted.

For more detail, read the Legion of Mary Handbook Appendix 7 and the website of the Rosary Confraternity.


Go to the Rosary Center website, follow these steps:


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