Praesidium meetings can resume

We thank God for the gift of life bestowed upon us and for the continuous intercession of our heavenly mother. We pray for the souls of those departed especially in this period to rest in eternal peace.

Following our letter dated 19th March 2020, we put on hold Praesidia and Council meetings upon the President’s directive as a way to reduce the spread of the CoVID-19.

With the opening of Churches to a congregation of a maximum of 70 people by the President of Uganda in his recent address on 20th September 2020, we believe that Praesidia can resume meeting. As for councils, we shall give guidance on how to handle their meetings in our next communication very soon.

Below are the guidelines to follow for Praesidia meetings, please make sure that they are followed: 

  1. The Spiritual Director is to be consulted
  2. All members should be informed
  3. Everyone should wear masks
  4. Avail water and soap for washing hands or use sanitizer
  5. The altar for Mother Mary should be in place
  6. The sitting arrangement and social distancing should be observed
  7. Follow the order for Praesidium meetings
  8. For work allocation, contact your Spiritual Director for guidance as it has always been done.
  9. Ensure you stick to time of the meeting
  10. Avoid unnecessary crowding around the Parish

May our Queen and Mother Mary, intercede for us.