November Senatus meeting held on 15th November 2020

Despite the CoVID-19 pandemic, churches in Uganda were allowed to open though with limited numbers. Now up to 200 members are allowed provided they are socially distanced and follow all SOPs set by the ministry of Health.

As Legion of Mary, we are now able to hold our meetings though with some limitations. Senatus of Uganda held it’s second meeting after the lockdown on 15th November 2020. Below is a summary of the items that were discussed.

  • Concilium has asked us to double our efforts in promoting the cause of beautification of Servant of God Frank Duff. It is to this that Senatus as part of the guidance from Concilium requests all Legionaries to recite the prayer for the beautification of Servant of God Frank Duff. Legionaries are asked to promote the cause even to the other Catholics. For the intercession, one can identify a cause/favour/miracle to ask for and be consistent. Otherwise the petitions from Senatus have been sent through the different Councils. Incase of any favour/miracle, report it to the next higher Council until Senatus. A detailed explanation of how to promote the Cause of Servant of God Frank Duff, CLICK HERE.

We understand there are different challenges being faced in different communities due to CoVID-19 such as:

  • Families not attending Live Mass. Just watching on TV. This is the work of Legionaries to approach them in order for them to change.
  • Some Praesidia have not yet been allowed to meet. Incase you have tried all means but in vein, be patient and offer it to God in Prayer. Consult the Spiritual Director often.

Dear Officers, lets offer our different to mother Mary in pray. Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray for the commitment of the Legionaries.

  • In the meeting, received reports from Kiwumulo Comitium and Ngora Curia
  • All Praesidia are reminded to offer Mass for the Souls in Purgatory in this month of November.
  • For the end of the pandemic, Legionaries have been asked to recite the rosary and the Prayer to Mary during the Pandemic.

All Curia (that can) are advised to organised Acies for 2020 from November up to December. This should be done in consultation with the Spiritual Director.

That’s a summary of the discussion. For more detail, contact your officers that represent you at the Senatus meeting.