Councils can now hold their meetings

It is indeed right and fitting to praise and glorify our God for his great love and protection bestowed on all of us during the CoVID-19 pandemic period.  We are also grateful to Mary our Mother and Queen for her powerful intercession that has led us to the reopening of Churches. 

The lockdown which started in March, 2020 has had an incredible effect on the Legion of Mary activities.  Churches were locked; meetings and functions were put on hold to avoid the spread of the deadly virus.  It is an experience, the first of its kind in the life history of the Legion of Mary since its introduction in Uganda by Edel Quinn in 1938. We thank all Legionaries for the prayers, encouragement, and communications made during this time to check on each other and keeping the Legion of Mary candle burning.

In the address given by the President of the Republic of Uganda on the 20th September, 2020, permission was granted to reopen Churches.  We therefore call upon all Praesidia, Councils and groups of Patricians   to resume meetings.

The Senatus of Uganda meeting for October will be held (as usual) on the third Sunday of the month, 18th October, 2020 starting at 10am in our Legion of Mary home at Bunamwaya-Kiwumulo. We request every council and directly attached Praesidium to be represented by only two (2) officers. Each committee i.e. Book- barrow, Centenary and Prisons will be represented, by one member while the Correspondents Committee by 2 members.

In addition to the previous letter in which guidelines were communicated for the resumption of the Praesidium meetings, below are guidelines for councils (Curiae, Comitia, Regia and Senatus of Uganda).

  • CONSULT the Spiritual Director of the Council to ensure that he is fully aware of the program of the Council.

Due to the limit on the numbers to 70 people, we expect all council meetings not to exceed these numbers.

NB. All officers have an obligation to attend higher council meetings but due to CoVID-19, we advise a limited attendance in order not to exceed the limit of 70.


With the current situation, it is wise to reduce on the contact with the public in order to limit the spread of the pandemic. We advise that you consult the Spiritual Director in order to be guided basing on your location as regards to the work that you can undertake in order to fulfill the apostolate.


We understand there are some officers whose term expired in this period when we have not been meeting. In such cases, notice of election will be made in the first Council meeting after the pandemic after which elections will be carried out in the second meeting.

Term of office for the elected officers will be backdated to the month in which the term had expired even when the same officer is re-elected.


We advise all Councils to follow the annual program to find out how the annual reports can be submitted.


We advise all officers of Councils to hold their Officers meeting so as to discuss how best the Praesidia/Councils they are responsible for can work within the guidelines. Thereafter, communication should be made to all concerned.


The Centenary Celebrations and other functions are still on hold until an opportune time that will be communicated later. However, Praesidia should continue registering the deceased Legionaries and write articles for the Centenary Magazine that can be sent on


We are beginning the month of the Rosary in October. Let us remind all Legionaries to recite the Rosary. How good would it be if all Legionaries registered for the Rosary confraternity (Legionary Handbook Appendix 7)!

Kindly register online on

In addition to the above, Officers of councils should ensure the following:

  1. Avail water and soap or use sanitizer for Legionaries to wash hands and keep hands clean.
  2. Observe social distancing while in meetings.
  3. Legionaries wear masks.
  4. The agenda of the meeting is appropriately followed keeping in mind the time constraints.
  5. Ensure continuous recitation of the Servant of God Frank Duff’s prayer after the weekly meetings and any favors received forwarded to Senatus to aid the cause of his beatification.
  6. It has been a wonderful experience for active legionaries to say Legion of Mary prayers daily therefore encourage members to continue.

Finally, just like Edel Quinn was spiritually filled with love of serving God through the Legion of Mary apostolate when she came out of hospital where she had spent 18 months, so should a legionary be after a period of six months of lockdown. She was burning with love to serve. Edel Quinn carried out all duties and participated in all activities despite her ill health.  That is when she volunteered to come to East Africa and start Legion of Mary (Edel Quinn by Cardinal Suenens Ch.vii & viii).

Therefore, Brothers and Sisters let us borrow a leaf from her.  There is a lot of work awaiting.  Even more was created by the CoVID-19 pandemic.   Let us come back to the field with zeal and enthusiasm to serve God through Mother Mary more diligently than ever before.

May God Bless you.

Praesidium meetings can resume

We thank God for the gift of life bestowed upon us and for the continuous intercession of our heavenly mother. We pray for the souls of those departed especially in this period to rest in eternal peace.

Following our letter dated 19th March 2020, we put on hold Praesidia and Council meetings upon the President’s directive as a way to reduce the spread of the CoVID-19.

With the opening of Churches to a congregation of a maximum of 70 people by the President of Uganda in his recent address on 20th September 2020, we believe that Praesidia can resume meeting. As for councils, we shall give guidance on how to handle their meetings in our next communication very soon.

Below are the guidelines to follow for Praesidia meetings, please make sure that they are followed: 

  1. The Spiritual Director is to be consulted
  2. All members should be informed
  3. Everyone should wear masks
  4. Avail water and soap for washing hands or use sanitizer
  5. The altar for Mother Mary should be in place
  6. The sitting arrangement and social distancing should be observed
  7. Follow the order for Praesidium meetings
  8. For work allocation, contact your Spiritual Director for guidance as it has always been done.
  9. Ensure you stick to time of the meeting
  10. Avoid unnecessary crowding around the Parish

May our Queen and Mother Mary, intercede for us.