March Senatus meeting held on 21st March 2021

The President welcomed all Legionaries that had attended the Senatus meeting.

Senatus of Uganda organises talks every last Saturday of the month. In February, the talk was about St. Joseph. On 27th March 2021, the talk will be about “Bearing witness to family love” in which we share about family life. All Legionaries are invited starting at 11am in Legion of Mary house, Nsambya.

Handbook study sessions resumed in February and they happen every third Saturday. Don’t miss out on 20th March 2021 starting at 9am in Legion of Mary house, Nsambya.

Legion of Mary was represented at the National Assembly for the Lay Apostolate Commission of the Uganda Episcopal Conference. St. Charles Lwanga is the patron saint of the Laity in Uganda a reason why 3rd June is a day for the laity. Officers were asked to work hand in hand with heads of the Laity at different Parishes and Dioceses. The month of July 2021 would be dedicated to Human Trafficking and 25th-31st July is the week for the elderly.

Some Councils reported to have started on the 24-hour rosary initiative started by Concilium. More Curia were asked to take it up. In this initiative, each Curia gets 24 members that commit to reciting the Rosary at each hour for a particular day. For Comitia and Regia, they should do it for directly attached Praesidia.

Acies is due! All councils were asked to organise for all the Legionaries.

Councils around Kampala were reminded of the Year of the Bible declared by the Archbishop. They were asked to consult their Parish Priests and get to know the program so as to participate.

We were encouraged to always pray the Rosary (20 mysteries) daily instead of the Chaplet (5 mysteries). The benefits of praying the rosary include among others peace of mind and heart, quick to come back to the right path, too hard to deceive and evil (both spiritual and physical) can’t come to you.

In the meeting, we received reports from Mugalike Comitium, Kampala Comitium B, Bukuumi Comitium and Mother of Devine Grace, Lweza.