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The quiz is organized in the format of the Centenary theme: "Remember, Renew, Recruit, Rejoice. 1921 – 2021"

In total, there are 12 questions.

When was the first meeting of the Legion of Mary

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On which date was Legion of Mary founded?

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When was the name Legion of Mary adopted?

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Which Pope praised the Legion of Mary that enabled it gain trust around the world?

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"The Legion of Mary presents the true face of the Catholic Church" Which Pope said so?

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Which country in Africa received Legion of Mary first?

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Last part of the standing instruction (Ch. 18 No. 7) requires us to "respect the confidential nature of the matters discussed at the meeting....". What does the handbook advise incase there is leakage taking place?

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Besides the duties of officers of the Praesidium described in Chapter 34, what is their very first duty?

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What name is given to volunteers who offer a more substantial term of service away from home for as much as six months, a year or even more on a missionary assignment?

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What name is given to a function held about the feast of the Nativity of our Lady?

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Which Legion function must not be held more often than every second year?

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Whose duty is it to do extension?

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How are Praesidia advised to participate in the Centenary Celebrations in Uganda?

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