Legion of Mary Quiz VI

Test your knowledge of the Legion of Mary as you get to learn more from our online quiz number 6.

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Legion of Mary Quiz 6

Welcome to this quiz  that mainly concentrates on the System of the Legion

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Legion of Mary means

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The legionary is, as it were, a living Miraculous Medal, a humble instrument of Our Lady’s graces to the world. How should the Legionaries look at the Miraculous medal?

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Why must Legionaries not give material relief?

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Which of the following Praesidia should undertake the study of faith as a matter of course?

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One of the Associations that the Legionaries are encouraged to join is the Confraternity of the holy rosary. What does it take to be a member?

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Which of the following is not true about the Patricians?

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The following are the reasons why work is done in pairs except

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Praying for the sick is a noble cause and qualifies as Legionary work

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Do auxiliaries undertake a probation?

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Whose responsibility is it to do aftercare of Auxiliaries?

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What happens when the post of the President falls vacant?

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When is the inauguration of the Centenary Celebrations in Uganda?

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