Legion of Mary Quiz IV

Test your knowledge of the Legion of Mary as you get to learn more from our online quiz number 4.

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Legion of Mary Quiz 4

The quiz is organized in the format of the Centenary theme: "Remember, Renew, Recruit, Rejoice. 1921 – 2021"

In total, there are 10 questions.

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Where did Frank Duff draw inspiration of starting the Legion of Mary?

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To whom is the Legionary Promise addressed?

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What are the Conditions for taking the Legionary Promise?

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In very special circumstances where the Spiritual Director appoints a qualified Legionary to act in his place because he cannot attend meetings, what name is that Legionary called?

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Which of the following is not a valid name of a Praesidium?

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The third part of the Standing instruction requires us to perform of a substantial active legionary work... What does substantial mean?

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When was Edel Quinn's heroic Sanctity affirmed by the Pope hence giving her the title of Venerable?

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Acies is the great central annual function of the Legion. Who of the following must attend the Acies?

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How long will the Centenary Celebrations last in Uganda?

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How will each of the Curiae participate in the Centenary inauguration due Tuesday, 7th September 2021?

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