Legion of Mary Quiz III

Test your knowledge of the Legion of Mary as you get to learn more from our online quiz number 3.

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Legion of Mary Quiz 3

The quiz is organized in the format of the Centenary theme: "Remember, Renew, Recruit, Rejoice. 1921 – 2021"

In total, there are 10 questions.

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Legion of Mary started on the eve of:

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What was the first corporate act of very first legionaries?

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The devotional outlook of the Legion of Mary is reflected in the prayers of the Legion. What is the meaning of the word tessera?

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Which theological virtual is petitioned in the Concluding prayer of the Legion of Mary?

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How is the Catena related to the Magnificat?

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Perfect membership of the Legion of Mary is estimated according to

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What is the primary obligation of each and every member in the Legion?

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The following are requirements of membership in the Legion of Mary except

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When is the actual date of the Centenary of the founding of Legion of Mary?

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Where will the Mass of the inauguration of the Centenary in Uganda be?

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