Legion of Mary Quiz II

Test your knowledge of the Legion of Mary as you get to learn more from our online quiz number 2.

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Legion of Mary Quiz 2

The quiz is organized in the format of the Centenary theme: "Remember, Renew, Recruit, Rejoice. 1921 – 2021"

In total, there are 10 questions.

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The very first meeting of Legion of Mary set the pattern and spirit of every other meeting that takes place in the Legion. From where was the Spiritual reading taken?

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What is the colour of Legion of Mary?

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Who was the first President of the Legion of Mary?

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What do we use on the Legion of Mary altar missed on the first setting of the altar at the first Legion meeting?

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One of the duties of the Legionary is to be in a sense always on duty. What does it mean?

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When a Legionary dies, what happens?

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The following are the works of the Curia except

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What will be the highlight and centerpiece of the Centenary celebrations in Uganda?

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As guided by Concilium, Senatus has requested all Curiae to organise for a 24-hour rosary initiative. What does 24-hour rosary initiative mean?

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Who organises for the 24-hour rosary initiative?

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