February Senatus meeting held on 21st February 2021

The President on behalf of the Senatus of Uganda welcomed all present for the very first meeting in the year 2021 after having missed the January 2021 meeting due to electioneering that was happening then.

All Legionaries were encouraged to have the courage and faith amidst the CoVID-19 pandemic and not to lose hope.

All the newly ordained Priests and Deacons were congratulated.

Councils were asked to take on the 24-hour rosary initiative started by Concilium. In this initiative, each Curia gets 24 members that commit to reciting the Rosary at each hour for a particular day. For Comitia and Regia, they should do it for directly attached Praesidia. The approach had been tested by the Senatus and it works very well.

Legionaries were reminded that the Centenary Celebrations begin September 2021 and that all Legionaries can submit articles for the Centenary memorial Magazine not later than 25th March 2021.

Officers of the Senatus of Uganda had the planning session from 7th to 9th January 2021 in which the annual program and the theme of the year were chosen.

Annual Program

Each Council was given a booklet containing the annual program. A copy can be downloaded from HERE.

Important to note in the annual program is that there has been an adjustment in the time for councils to report. We kindly ask officers to take note.

The Senatus of Uganda will be organising a talk every last Saturday of the month to talk about different topics of Concern in the Catholic Church.

2021 Theme

2021 being a unique year for the Legion of Mary in which we celebrate the Centenary of her founding, we shall have the theme from January to August 2021 and then from September 2021 to September 2022, we shall use the theme for the Centenary Celebrations.

Central in the Legion System is: Holiness, Meetings and Apostolate – Learning from St. Joseph, Patron of the Legion.

Legionary Handbook Chapter 8 Part 1 and Chapter 33 Part 1 (b)

The Centenary Theme is:

Remember, Renew, Recruit, Rejoice. 1921-2021


In the meeting, we received the report from Kabale Regia, Regia of Western Uganda and Kakindo Comitium.