December Senatus meeting held on 20th December 2020

The President on behalf of the Senatus of Uganda extended thanks to all Legionaries that have been able to do their responsibilities in this year 2020 that has been with quite a number of the challenges in the apostolate.

In the meeting, condolences were extend to all councils that lost their members and Spiritual Directors. A request was made to all Legionaries to take the CoVID-19 SOPs seriously because the disease is at its peak. Wash hands or use the sanitiser, wear your mask and social distance.

As Legion of Mary in Uganda, we shall be committing ourselves to prayer against the CoVID-19. A 30-day novena has been organised so as to pray through the intercession of Mother Mary of Perpetual Help. Mass will be on Radio Maria everyday at 7pm starting 20th December 2020 for 30 days. After Mass, will be the rosary and then a prayer for the end of the pandemic by Pope Francis. The prayer is available here in English and Luganda.

Regarding the Centenary Celebrations, Legionaries were reminded that they were still on hold till September 2021 if at all it will be deemed fit to start the celebrations.

In the meeting, we had a visitor from South Sudan, Tombura Yambio Diocese, Christine Kinamborisa who extended greetings from their Bishop, Rt. Rev. Barani Edwardo Hiiboro. She thanked Senatus of Uganda for the love shown to them and the visits made to their Curia.

In the meeting, we received a report from Kampala Comitium A that was greatly thanked for the workdone especially Sunday Search for souls (Exploratio Dominicalis Handbook Ch. 40 No. 10).

The Legionaries were reminded that in December and January, we pray for the beatification of Servant of God Alphonsus Lambe.

Following the declaration of the year dedicated to St. Joseph (8th December 2020 – 8th December 2021), Legionaries were asked to increase their devotion to St. Joseph, one of the Patron Saints of Legion of Mary.

All Legionaries were encouraged to say the Legion of Mary prayers daily as well to use the Sacramentals like medals and scapular and also encourage others to put them on.