Centenary Celebrations on hold but preparations underway

Due to the ongoing conditions created by the CoVID-19 pandemic, it’s quite hard to hold the celebrations in which many people will come together hence increasing the risk of the spread of CoVID-19. The celebrations that had been planned to start in September 2020 were stayed.

In line with our theme for the Centenary “Remember, Renew, Recruit, Rejoice. 1921-2021”, a date to start the celebrations will be communicated in which all Legionaries shall be able to fully participate in the Celebrations.

Despite the postponment, a number of activities can continue and these are:

1. Centenary Memorial Magazine

The Senatus of Uganda will publish the Centenary Memorial magazine that will entail among others information about Legion of Mary in Uganda. The Centenary memorial magazine committee continues to receive articles from all over the country on the email; senatusofuganda@gmail.com.

The articles being received include stories of how Legion of Mary came to your diocese, achievements, challenges and what you think can help grow the apostolate further in your area. Kindly share with us historical pictures. All articles about Legion of Mary and/or relevant to the theme of the Centenary are much welcome.

The purpose of the magazine will be to document some hitherto unknown facts about Legion of Mary in Uganda and to provide new and recent data about the Legion of Mary as an organisation in the Catholic Church in Uganda among others. For any query, contact us and we shall respond.

2. In-Remembrance Register

As we celebrate 100 years of the existence of the Legion of Mary, as Legionaries, we would like to remind ourselves of the legacy left to us by those legionaries who established the Legion where we are, and the officers and members who served, most if not all now deceased.

All Praesidia are required to fill in this In-Remembrance Register by the end of December 2020, a copy submitted through the respective councils to the Senatus of Uganda and a copy retained for the priest who will be designated to say the Novena of Masses for the souls of these deceased brothers and sisters.

3. Celebrations at the different levels

As you may be aware, we had a plan for all the Praesidia and Councils to celebrate the centenary. The plan is detailed in the document available HERE for download. Find out what you can do in the meantime as the celebrations are on hold.