Causes of Canonisation in the Legion of Mary

Over the years, we have always had a prayer towards the cause of beatification of one of our sisters, Venerable Edel Quinn and two brothers, Servant of God Frank Duff and Servant of God Alphonsus Lambe.

The purpose of this article is to share how as Uganda we participate in these causes.

What is the cause of Canonisation?

Canonisation is the act of admitting a deceased person into the canon of saints so that his/her life can be emulated and ask for his intercession.

To be Canonised, one has to have died in a period of not less than 5 years. The cause for his/her canonisation is introduced by the Diocesan Bishop. Once the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, the department that makes recommendations to the Pope on saints accepts to the cause, the individual is referred to as “Servant of God“. This is the stage on which Br. Frank Duff and Br. Alphonsus Lambe are.

The Congregation for the Causes of Saints scrutinises the evidence of the candidate’s holiness, work and signs that people have been drawn to prayer through their example.

If the Congregation approves the case, it is passed to the Pope and if the Pope decides that the person lived a life of “heroic virtue”, he/she can then be called “venerable“.

In Legion of Mary, Sr. Edel Quinn was declared Venerable by St. John Paul II, Pope.

To proceed to the next stage of Beatification, a miracle needs to be attributed to prayers made to the individual after their death. The prayers being granted are seen as proof that the individual is already in heaven, and hence able to intercede with God on others’ behalf.

Once the miracle has been approved, the candidate is given the title “blessed”.

To proceed to the last stage which is Canonisation itself, a second miracle normally needs to be attributed to prayers made to the candidate after they have been beatified.

Role that a Legionary can play in Beatification process

It is important for each of us to pray for the Canonisation process to be successful.

Through their intercession, we need to seek for the miracles.

As Senatus of Uganda, every after the end of the Legionary meeting, we pray for the Beatification of Venerable Edel Quinn (February-May), Servant of God Frank Duff (June-November) and Servant of God Alphonsus Lambe (December-January).

In these prayers, we ask Councils/Praesidia to identify a miracle/favor to pray for. This miracle/favor should be reported to the next higher council up to Senatus.

We ask all Legionaries to always read about the lives of these three brothers and Sister and spread the message even to non Legionaries.

For any further guidance, consult your Spiritual Director or Officers of your next higher Council.