Resumption of Legion of Mary Activities

Following the address made by the President of the Republic of Uganda, on the 22nd September, 2021, the second phase of the lockdown that had seen Churches closed for 60 days was relaxed.  Permission was granted to open Churches and utmost 200 people are allowed to worship God in a Church at a time provided they can follow the SOPs.

We are very grateful to God.  We thank members for the prayers and congratulate you upon reaching this far.  We can now resume Legion of Mary activities after a lockdown period of four months.  The Officers of Councils/Praesidia are advised to consult Spiritual Directors before starting meetings, for proper guidance.

As we are all aware, the Centenary Celebrations of Legion of Mary were inaugurated on the 7th September, 2021.  Mass was celebrated at Nsambya Parish presided over by Bishop Paul Ssemogerere, the Apostolic Administrator of Kampala Archdiocese, Bishop of Kasana Luwero and Chairman of the Lay Apostolate Commission. Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, Legionaries were represented by the Spiritual Directors and some Officers of the Councils.  The year of Celebrations will come to an end in September 2022.

We are therefore calling upon Councils to organise the Celebrations at all levels following the guidelines given and in consultation with the Senatus.

The next Senatus meeting will be held (as usual) on the third Sunday of the month i.e., 17th October, 2021 at Kiwumulo Bunamwaya and all the Officers of Councils affiliated to Senatus are invited to attend.

Let us continue to pray the rosary for the total end of CoVID-19 and all the other intensions.
May Mary Immaculate, Mediatrix of all Graces pray for us.
God bless you.
At your service,
Senatus of Uganda

83 years of Legion of Mary in Uganda

Today marks 83 years since the first meeting of the Legion of Mary in Uganda. The first Praesidium was started in Holy Ghost Normal School which is now Sancta Maria Primary Teachers College.

Edel Quinn visited Holy Ghost Normal School, Nkokonjeru in the present Lugazi Diocese on 12th September 1938. It is on that day that she talked to the girls about the Legion of Mary.

Legion of Mary Altar
Legion of Mary altar at a recent function with a Vexillum brought by Edel Quinn to the first meeting of the first Praesidium in Nsambya

The very first meeting of the Legion of Mary was held on Saturday, 24th September 1938 and the Praesidium was called “Our Lady of Mercy” because that day was her Feast. The very first work allocated that day was church mending and visiting the hospital.

Meetings continued weekly and on 5th October 1938, the following officers were appointed.

Yoanina Namakula President
Rose Namatovu Vice President
Virizini Namagembe Secretary
Maria Namudu Treasurer

Edel Quinn continued to check on the Praesidium until 25th February 1939 when she bade them farewell. She told the members that she would not be back for 2 years as she would be going to Kenya for 6 months and after go to Tanganyika in which Legion of Mary would be started in both places.

Congratulations to Mother of Mercy Praesidium, Nkokonjeru that celebrates 83 years of existence today. Details of this Praesidium and Edel Quinn’s movement among others will be in the Centenary Memorial Magazine that will be out December this year.

LIVE: Centenary thanksgiving and Inauguration

Join us for the Live Mass as we thank God for the 100 years of the Legion of Mary and also inaugurate the celebrations that will happen in each diocese in Uganda.

Centenary Inauguration and thanksgiving guide

The long awaited day is just hours around the corner!
It is unfortunate that due to the CoVID-19, we can not have as many people physically attend the Mass. Attendance will ONLY be by invitation.

The organising Committee has made a provision for each and every Legionary to participate in the Mass ONLINE. Many thanks to Radio Maria Uganda, Uganda Catholic TV, Ugandan Catholics Online among others that will broadcast the Mass LIVE.

  1. We shall stream live on the Senatus of Uganda Youtube Channel that you can access through this LINK.
  2. The Uganda Catholic TV will also be broadcasting live. You can access it on free-to-air decoders or on GoTV.
  3. Radio Maria Uganda (All the substations). For those unable to access the radio, you can listen Live through their website or download the Radio Maria World Family app (Go to Africa).


The activities of Tuesday, 7th September 2021 will be as follows (For those in a different time zone, we are using East Africa Standard time or GMT+3).

  1. Opening Prayers: As it is for all Legion of Mary functions, we shall begin with opening prayers at 9:20am. These unfortunately will not be live but we ask you all wherever you will be to say those prayers. The next activities will be live.
  2. Mass begins at 10.00am.
  3. The Catena will follow.
  4. The Centenary theme song will be launched and the Centenary candle lit by the bishop to mark the beginning of Centenary celebrations in Uganda.
  5. A few speeches will then be followed by the Concluding prayers of the Legion. These will end our live program during the day.

Centenary theme Song

At 4pm (still on Tuesday), we shall premiere the lyric video of the Centenary theme song. In order not to miss out, you can set a reminder on this LINK available on our YouTube channel.

8pm on 7th September

Do you remember 7th September 1921?
The very first meeting of the Legion of Mary started at that time.

To commemorate that hour in which Legion of Mary will mark 100 years, we shall have the Legion of Mary prayers that will be live on Radio Maria Uganda-Kampala and the other substations that may be connected. 

For more details, follow our social media platforms; Facebook and twitter. We shall try to keep you posted.

For any inquires, send us an email on

Thank you.
May mother Mary intercede for us

Centenary of the Legion of Mary in Uganda