Allocutio for the April 2021 Senatus meeting

Allocutio delivered by Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Mawanda, Spiritual Director of Kabuwoko Comitium

Extension and Recruiting

The duty of extension and recruiting is incumbent on all of us, Legionaries not just officers of a Praesidium or Council.

Reflecting on the Spiritual Reading that was taken from the Legion of Mary Handbook Ch. 31, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Mawanda emphasized the call to each and every Legionary to carry on extention and recruiting in all our way of life and contacting whoever we meet.

Most times, different presidia cry that the men are few but what have we done? Each of us has either a husband/brother/son. Have we reached out to them?

As we celebrate the Centenary of the Legion of Mary, our target is that each Praesidium forms another. What have you and me done towards this? Have you recruited any Legionary yet?

Are you ready to take on theĀ  extention work in the North and Eastern part of Uganda?