Allocutio for June 2021

Allocutio delivered by Rev. Fr. Kanamala Vincent Kibuuka, Spiritual Director from Kabuwoko Comitium, Masaka Diocese

The Mark of the Cross is a Sign of Hope (Handbook Ch. 39 No. 24)

The sign of the cross is a great reminder of the trinity and can be used as a devotional tool to keep one focused. It reinforces the centrality of the Crucified Messiah to the Christian faith.

Christians commemorate Jesus Christ’s life especially his salvific death on the Cross and his later resurrection. Believing this, offers them the promise of forgiveness and eternal life and it is through his death that people’s broken relationship with God is restored.

The Cross therefore for us Christians is a symbol of hope, love and ultimately Salvation. In the time of Jesus, the cross was a tool of torture and execution of horrific illustration of quality of which mankind is capable. Today, we see the Cross as a symbol of hope and love. This act is remembered on Good Friday as we commemorate the suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In our daily life as Christians, we carry the same cross but on different weights. Ours today may not be wooden. It can be the disease-the Corona virus that is eating and worrying us every now and then. It has become a heavy cross for us to carry. Most people are suffocating and worried-Church Leaders, Civil Leaders, families among others.

Other Crosses could be the imprisonment and torture of our friends and relatives innocently, diseases like cancer, malaria, poverty in families. But all in all, our hope is in the words of our Lord told to the repentant thief “Today you will be with me in Paradise”. The Lord blesses the Cross and makes it a way through which Paradise is won.

If we remain focussed with this hope, Jesus will heal our woundedness and help us to carry the heavy Cross in our life. He showed us the way and that is to carry the Cross and follow Him.

In all trials of life that we are facing today, have we remained focused to the Lord? Where do we put our minds? Is it in food? Jesus tells us not to worry about food. Is it in money? Money passes, its a visitor.

The Lord is always available for us. He never left the Cross-He didn’t run away from the Cross. Let’s remain focused to the Lord. 

In the month of June, we celebrate the most Sacred heart of Jesus Christ. It is this heart that was pierced when He was found dead by that man we remember as Longinus. The water and blood that flowed from His Heart is healing. It is the water that sanctifies the Sacraments in the Church.

Let us remember the hope “You will be with me in Paradise”. Only if we persist in doing good (what the Lord commands us to do) that is when we shall enter Paradise.

Let us not lose hope, don’t lose heart. All these Crosses come and go. It’s the only way in which life can be lived. If we bear the Cross, we bear the marks of our Lord Jesus Christ and these are the very marks that will make us triumphant in the Kingdom of God.

Let us share the Good news to the brothers and sisters who are downtrodden-who have lost hope-who are still worrying. Let us keep this faith, this hope and let it be the hope we share with our friends.

Sometimes the friends, workmates, employees, weather, climate, sickness and death can let us down but let us not be let down because these things pass away, life in Paradise is everlasting. Paradise is a promise that will be achieved by those who will remain focused and persistent.

Let us carry our earthly cross with a lot of hope, enthusiasm, love for one another and the Lord will welcome us in Paradise on the day awaiting us.