Allocutio for July 2021

Allocutio delivered by Rev. Fr. Kanamala Vincent Kibuuka, Spiritual Director from Kabuwoko Comitium, Masaka Diocese

Regular and punctual attendance at the weekly meetings of the Praesidium (Handbook Ch. 33 Section 1)

Meditating on the Spiritual Reading, in her book, “Let’s stop meeting like this”, Emily Axelrod says that the tools to save time and get more done (makes this observation), no matter what role you play in a meeting, how you show up is critical to the meeting’s success.

How can one fulfill this obligation in a passive manner when we are locked down? The handbook in Chapter 11 section 1 clearly puts the primary means of personal holiness. You can attend as many meetings but if our personal holiness is not nourished, our membership may not bear fruit.

This has come at the right time when we have to exercise passive attendance of our Senatus meeting. Our Spiritual role has been tasted. We have been scared-we have been scattered as the first reading of this 17th Sunday in ordinary time has told us (Jer 23:1-6). We are like the sheep without a shepherd; that’s from the Gospel (Mk 6:30-34). The Lord is giving us the way-leave the crowd and have time for the Lord.

The readings of Sunday and the Spiritual reading call us to cling to Jesus our Master. Let disease not break us from our source of life and hope; He is our Healer-He is our Doctor-He is our life-He is our Saviour. Let us deepen our souls, our doubts, our troubles in His Most Precious Blood for It sustains, heals and guides us.

Our Spiritual Life heals automatically our bodies-our sick bodies because the Lord cannot dwell in a sick body. Let us use the moment of this fear and lockdown, to seek the Lord for He is always waiting for us but He is not seeing us. Let us come up to stop pretending that we are praying yet we are not. Let us be more serious with prayer dear friends. Let us pray every day-the rosary-our Christian Prayers.

May the intercession of our Lady of the Scapular help us to keep our sole obligation of the Legionary duty most faithfully.

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