Allocutio at the November 2021 meeting

Allocutio delivered by Sr. Susan Mary Nsubuga, President Senatus of  Uganda

The Souls of Our Departed Legionaies (Handbook Ch. 17)

The title of the Spiritual reading indicates that the departed Legionaries are part of us and they belong to us. They require prayers from each and everyone of us.

Think of the souls crying and asking for your help. How many times have you remembered the souls in Purgatory? Purgatory is a place of pain and suffering. All that souls in purgatory require from us are Mass, prayers and acts of charity among others.

There are numerous graces obtained through praying for the souls in purgatory.

In our Legion prayers, we remember all our departed Legionaries. In November, each Legionary who has passed on is prayed for. It is indeed a blessing to die a Legionary.

Each Praesidium should endeavour to pray for the deceased Legionaries in this month of November and individually, each Legionary should make an effort to pray for our brothers and sisters-the departed.