Allocutio at the May 2022 Senatus Meeting

Allocutio delivered by Rev. Fr. Benedict Kato, Spiritual Director from Kimaanya Comitium

Incolae Mariae and Exploratio Dominicalis (Handbook Ch. 40 Section 9 and 10)

Basing on the Spiritual Reading, Rev. Fr. Kato Benedict informed Legionaries that the way to success is to move from one place to another whether spiritually, politically or economically. If you don’t move, you remain in a stagnant life.

A Legionary who doesn’t move from one place to another for Legionary work is stagnant. Jesus himself moved from one place to another to preach the Gospel and so did the Apostles.

In the heart of the Legionary, their ought to be a spirit to move from one place to another in the spirit of Incolae Mariae and Exploratio Dominicalis. In Incolae Mariae, the Legionary gives more substantial time beyond a week or two away from home at a service and in Exploratio Dominicalis, a Preaseidium dedicates a Sunday to search for souls possibly in a problem area a little distance away but not very far.

As Councils have assigned Legionaries, the Praesidia too should take on that similar work and assign the Legionaries for the same. Legionaries need to move and aid in the work of the Priest.