Allocutio at the July 2022 Senatus meeting

Allocutio delivered by Sr. Susan Mary Nsubuga, Senatus President

The Praesidium (Handbook Ch. 14 Numbers 21 and 22)

A Praesidium in our language is a police post. Without it, there is no Legion of Mary-that is how important it is to the Legion of Mary. The Praesidium is the foundation of the Legion of Mary thus, we need strong ones not shaky ones. A Praesidium is strong when it performs what it is supposed to do.

Each Praesidium must have a name which is a title from the litany or events or happenings to Mother Mary. It must be attached to a higher Council. A Praesidium holds weekly meetings. Without these weekly meetings, it is not Legion of Mary.

The term of office is 3 years. The term may be renewed for one more term. Beyond the two terms, officership ceases until another officer is appointed by the Curia. Unfortunately, some have served beyond the stipulated time-you may think that you are serving but wrongly.

Different Praesidia have Auxiliary members who only recite the Catena. They MUST recite all Legion Prayers as well put on the tessera everyday. Praesidia should make an effort to always establish if Auxiliaries are performing their duties.

Each Praesidium should take an effort to recruit junior members into the Legion of Mary thus forming a Junior Praesidium (Ref. Handbook Ch. 36 Section 1).