83rd Anniversary of the Arrival of Edel Quinn in Uganda

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today Thursday 22nd July 2021, we commemorate the 83rd anniversary of the arrival of Edel Quinn. A young Irish girl of 31years of age who was commissioned by Concilium, the highest governing council of Legion of Mary to come to Africa and introduce the Legion. She arrived in Uganda on the 22nd July 1938 and was welcomed at Nsambya Parish.

Let me comment on Nsambya Parish first. Members, it is important to note that Nsambya Parish has become another home of Legionaries. In addition to welcoming our dear Sr. Edel, we have a house there for Mother Mary in which Legionaries hold meetings. Recently in May 2021, we laid to rest our dear Spiritual Director Rev. Fr. Expedito Walakira in the Cemetery of the same parish. Again the Mass for inaugurating the year of the Centenary Celebrations of Legion of Mary is scheduled to take place at Nsambya Parish on the 7th September, 2021. We are indeed grateful to the Church Leaders of this Parish for their generosity to Legion of Mary.

Edel Quinn is an envoy of Legion of Mary to Africa. Cardinal Suenens in his book “Edel Quinn’’ refers to her as a “Heroine of the apostolate”. She sacrificed a lot in order for me and you to become Legionaries. She gave up playing the piano, table tennis and dancing which were her hobbies. She sacrificed the joy of marriage. She left her homeland, Ireland, her parents, relatives and friends; she resigned at her place of work when she was coming to Africa to introduce the Legion. Her life style changed tremendously for the sake of saving souls.

Pope Pius XII, after reading her biography written by Cardinal Suenens he recommended that Edel Quinn’s life is made known to all those working in the Lord’s fields.

A lot can be learned from Edel Quinn’s life especially today when we are soon starting a new century and considering our Centenary recruitment mission of extending and strengthening the Legion in all corners especially in the Northern and Eastern parts of Uganda. Let us derive spiritual strength from some of her own words found in the little book “WORDS OF LIFE FROM EDEL QUINN”. She says:

  • Let us try to give utterly, in every possible way, without counting the cost to be spent for Christ (69)
  • Always remember that you’re Legionaries of our Lady. You should be proud to be known as Legionaries, members of our Lady’s army. It is a previlege to be allowed to work for our Quinn and her Son and we must try to give our best for nothing less is good enough in the service (77)
  • For me, the Legion comes before everything (78)
  • It will be one of the most powerful forces for the reconstruction of society (79).
  • It will be one of the most powerful forces for the reconstruction of society (79).
  • Mary calls upon us: what an honour!. She offers us her instrument, the Legion. Are we going to refuse her our indispensable co-operation? (80)
  • I must enlist all my powers in the service of the Legion (83)
  • It is the will, the will, the will that matters (98)

Let these words be our food for thought throughout the day and remember to pray for her beatification. Members who would like to volunteer to extend Legion of Mary to where it has not been or where it is not, please come up.

We thank Nsambya Comitium for organizing Mass on Radio Maria today for us to thank God for the gift of the Legion of Mary apostolate.

May Mother Mary Queen of the Legion pray for us.

Susan Mary Nsubuga
Senatus of Uganda