77th Death Anniversary of Venerable Edel Quinn

Message from Sr. Susan Mary Nsubuga, the Senatus President

Today 12th May, 2021 marks the 77th Death Anniversary of Venerable Edel Quinn.   The Legion of Mary family is in prayer of thanksgiving to God for the gift of her life, the graces she received and praying for her beatification.

The Legion of Mary started in Dublin Ireland in 1921. In 1928, it started spreading to other countries.  The extension was done by Legionaries who volunteered and were commissioned by the Central Council of the Legion.  Edel Quinn participated in the extension campaign.  In 1936, she was appointed envoy of Legion of Mary to East Africa. She arrived at Nairobi, Kenya in 1936. 

Edel was only 31 years of age when she started this work.  Her original dream was to become a nun in the congregation of the Poor Clares but because of her poor health she could not be admitted at the Convent.  She was an invalid, many people testified.  She had spent eighteen (18) months admitted in hospital before she came to Africa. However, she volunteered to carry out this heavy task in a continent where she had no friends or relatives, impassable roads, no hospitals, full of jangles and forests, different climate, culture, language and food.  She had to part from her parents and siblings whom she loved so much and had to resign at her place of work.  Edel sacrificed a lot for love of God and for salvation of souls.  She travelled so much in Uganda, Kenya, Mauritius etc moving from Parish to Parish and started many Praesidia and Councils of Legion of Mary.

Edel Quinn death

In Uganda, she arrived on 22nd July, 1938. She started the first praesidium at Nkokonjeru and from there she visited and started Praesidia in many parishes.  Legion of Mary has lived for eighty-three (83) years in Uganda. Edel contributed to my and your membership in the Legion of Mary. We are fruits of her efforts.  It is therefore right and fitting to give glory to God for her life.

Edel died after eight (8) years of continuous service to God in the extension work of Legion of Mary. She never went back home. She died on the 12th May 1944 and was buried in the Missionaries’ Cemetery at Nairobi.  Every year Legionaries make a pilgrimage to pray and pay her tribute.  Unfortunately, the last and this year, pilgrims from Uganda did not make it because of the CoVID-19 pandemic. Councils are called upon to offer mass at their parishes in thanksgiving for her life and pray for her beatification.

Edel’s life challenges the youth, the sick and Legionaries. Especially during this period when the Senatus of Uganda is calling upon Legionaries to volunteer to take part in the extension of Legion of Mary in the Northern and Eastern Uganda.

Edel died at the age of 37. Cardinal Suenens, in his book “Edel Quinn” refers to her as “A Heroin of the Apostolate”. She was full of faith, selfless in service, courageous, Committed and prayerful (the rosary was always in her hands, she attended daily mass and the Eucharist was the Centre of her life. She read the bible and meditated daily). She loved God and Mary intimately.  There is a lot to learn and emulate from her life.  Let’s read her books, and say her prayer of Beatification every day. You will not regret.

God bless you.