24-hour rosary initiative

As advised by Concilium, Senatus of Uganda organised 24-hour rosary and different Councils have successfully followed suit.

A council  chooses a day of the week and organises a 24-hour roster of people who would commit to praying the Rosary for one hour at a specific time each week.

We have prepared Frequently Asked Questions to help the different Councils that have started and those that are organising to start.

Participants can be anyone willing to participate in this initiative. It may be active or auxiliary legionaries, family members, friends, parishioners etc

The intentions of this Rosary are:

  1. Our Lady’s intentions
  2. The end to the current world crisis-Corona Virus.
  3. The sick.
  4. The Holy Souls in purgatory
  5. Peace in the World
  6. The Legion of Mary apostolate and the weak Councils

A rosary goes beyond the one hour. Most important is not just your one hour but rather saying the rosary. So start your rosary at the appointed time until when you finish the rosary. In other words, let all your hour be spent in prayer.

Yes, you can organise as a family and recite the rosary together.

In case by all means you can’t make it in that allocated time, reach out to someone who can recite the rosary on your behalf. Make sure in your time, there is someone reciting the rosary in order not to break the 24-hour rosary.

All Curia can organise for this initiative provided they have 24 people willing to take part and yes, all Curiae in Uganda can do that. Just organise the day and inform your higher Council.
How good it will be to have someone praying with Mother Mary every hour throughout the week!

Yes, a Curia can have more than one group and assign them different days of the week. If one group takes Monday, another can take Tuesday and so on.

Let us all embrace this initiative and support it. It is our response to Mother Mary to recite the rosary.